Why You Know You Want To Be Breastfeed

by admin on December 6, 2010


breast feedingAs a new Mom to be, you are most likely aware that breastfeeding is the best choice for a new baby. There may be some factors in your life that are leading you to trying to make a decision as to whether this is right for you. It is important before you make your final decision as to whether you breastfeed or formula feed your baby, that you are aware of all of the benefits of breastfeeding. Many times new Moms don’t realize that there are other important benefits to breastfeeding along with the nutritional value for the infant.

No formula is the exact replica of a Mom’s milk

Some women are under the impression with modern technology that formula is identical to a Mother’s milk. This is not true. It is not to say that there are not some excellent formulas on the market and that babies thrive very well on them, but they are not an exact replica of human milk.

Breastfed babies tend to have less allergic reactions

Many times babies that are on formula end up being on a couple of different types. Some become allergic to the formula, where others seem to suffer more colic.

Breastfeeding is less time consuming

This is not so much in the actual feeding of the baby, but in the preparation of formula which not only includes the mixing of the formula, but the heating of bottles prior to feeding, and then the sterilizing of the bottles.

Cost factors

Formula is quite expensive and then when you consider the costs of bottles and equipment it adds up.

The contents of Mom’s milk

It seems to be a natural instinct to know that breast milk is best for the baby. It is important to know though just what are the components of the milk that are so important and just what benefit it really is giving to the infant.

The baby is able to digest breast milk much easier than formula because of the variety of vitamins and enzymes it contains. One of the most important factors about breast milk though, is the fact it contains antibodies from the Mom which help to fight some types of infections. Another important component found in breast milk is cholesterol. This is very important for the baby. It encourages healthy brain growth. In addition to this it plays a part in the development of the baby’s hormones. It also aids in the promotion of vitamin D, and helps in creating the bile needed in the intestines for breaking down the components.

By knowing all of the benefits that breastfeeding offers, it gives a Mom who is trying to make a decision as to whether to breastfeed or formula feed, the necessary facts needed to make an informed decision.

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