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Understanding Yourself as a New Mom

by admin on October 10, 2010


If you are a new Mom and are just settling back into the home routine after giving birth you may be feeling a little unsettled. Then all of a sudden you are dealing with a whole gambit of emotions and one of those is guilt, because you are thinking that you should be on top of the world full of joy, as you have just given birth to a healthy beautiful baby and what could possibly beat that?

I can remember shortly after delivering my first son that I was estatic for the first 24 hours then all of a sudden I began to have all these feelings of uncertainty. Now my little guy was here I felt overwhelmed with responsibility. At the same time though, I was getting frustrated with all the advice and coddling from my parents as well as my husband’s.

It seemed like I was always tired, and I was totally disorganized all of a sudden, yet I wasn’t like this before the delivery. I was sure that something was drastically wrong with me.  The worse part was I didn’t want to discuss my feelings with anyone because I was afraid they would think that I didn’t want to be a Mom, or didn’t know how to be one, or that I was ungrateful or resentful.

Eventually I muddled through this, and finally life settled down and we became a well grounded family thoroughly enjoying our little one.

Through this experience I learned that every emotion I had experienced was totally normal. I had forgotten to give myself a pat on the back considering the huge changes I had gone through during the ten months of my pregnancy. Then no sooner adjusting to those changes, along came my little guy and I was faced with a whole new world of changes again.

If you are experiencing what you feel are negative emotions then consider this.

  • First your hormones are reverting back to normal so your physical body is adapting to changes once again. The same applies to your emotions. These changes are demanding on your physical strength, but at the same time you are not getting solid sleep because you have the feeding schedule of your baby to adhere to and not to mention the rest of your household responsibilities.
  • This is a new experience to you and of course you are nervous which is going to make you a bit edgy, and it is normal to become frustrated when individuals even though they are only trying to help are overloading you with advice. It is confusion that creates the problem here. These family members see that you are a bit nervous and unsettled and attribute this to your being an inexperienced Mom. They forget all of the changes that your body is going through and the extra strain the responsibility is putting on you at this moment.

The easiest way to get through this “new mom” turmoil is to understand why you are having each of the emotions you are dealing with and once you do this then you can get rid of the guilt and enjoy your new family life.

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