Traveling with Young Children

by admin on February 10, 2011


5 Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation

If you are going on vacation with young children, you may have a difficult time if you do not thoroughly prepare. Sudden demands like going to the bathroom, to things like crying during the journey are common occurrences.

However, you can still have a wonderful trip by planning in advance. The following tips will help:

1. Arrive Early at the Airport

If you are flying with your kids, get to the airport early to enjoy pre-boarding facilities. The airline staff will help them get into their seats before other passengers arrive. You will also have time for last minute bathroom trips and getting the kids comfortable in the airplane before take-off. Explain to the kids how long the flight will take and have books, video games or other things that will keep them busy during the flight ready before take-off.

2. Trip Schedule

If possible, book a flight that is scheduled during the normal sleeping time of the children. If the flight will be a long one, go for an evening flight when the child is likely to fall asleep during the flight. You can also take advantage of in-board conveniences for children such as flight meals, activity sets and headsets to keep the children busy.

3. Landing and Takeoff

Landings and takeoffs may be uncomfortable to children. For older children, give them gum or candy; these help to ease ear blockage. If your child is suffering from a cold, see a doctor before you scheduled flight date. Flying can be painful to the ears when one has a cold.

4. Vacation Activities

If you are going on holiday, keep in mind the type of attractions that the kids will love. While you may be thrilled to be skiing in the Alps, your kids would probably love Disneyland more. Find out whether there are exciting places to visit and activities to do in your holiday destination. Beach activities and theme parks will work for most children. Take into consideration special needs of the children to ensure they will enjoy themselves during your trip.

5. Let the Children Know What to Expect

Before you set off for you flight or trip to your destination, explain to children what they are likely to encounter and what to expect. If you are flying, let them know they will be staying in the airplane for a few hours confined to their seats so that they will not be shocked when the flight starts.

The above tips will help you have a wonderful trip with your children.

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rose February 10, 2011 at 4:07 am

If I’m not able to get a good boarding time to where my kids will sleep on the flight I will bring my Ipad. With my Ipad I am able to have access to my TV and DVR recordings from anywhere. As a DISH Network employee/customer I purchased the Sling Adapter which gives me capability to have TV everywhere on my Ipad. I love it and the kids enjoy all their favorite shows anywhere. It keeps them busy the whole flight.

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