Traveling with Kids? Insurance is a Must!

by admin on December 23, 2010


If you and your family intend to do some traveling in the upcoming year, take some time to learn about travel insurance. This one step when planning your family vacation could end up saving you thousands of dollars. How could travel insurance help you?

Find medical care while on vacation.

    Kids are more likely to get sick and are often accident-prone. If your infant is running a high fever or your toddler trips and hits his head, do you know how to find a doctor quickly? Not only will travel insurance cover the costs of medical care when you’re traveling, but a representative can also quickly find you a doctor or hospital, giving you peace of mind.

    Get your money back if the trip gets canceled.

      You may have been planning your get-away for months, but what if Suzie’s softball team makes it to the championships – and it’s the same weekend? Or what if your infant develops a cough and your pediatrician recommends rest instead of travel? Or what if you get snowed in and your only option is to spend the night at the airport with your kids or go home but miss your flight? If you cancel your vacation for whatever reason, travel insurance will ensure that you’re reimbursed most of the money you already spent on it.

      Book a hotel room when you really need it.

        As an adult, you may be able to put up with a night at the airport, but when you’re traveling with a baby, that’s typically not a good option. If you get stuck when you’re on your way home, travel insurance can pay for your hotel room. Alternatively, your agent may be able to book you on a different flight that leaves sooner. In any case, you’ll be able to make it home much sooner!

        Replace stolen or lost items.

          When you’re traveling with kids, you’re an easy target for pickpockets, since you’re often distracted by a crying baby or whining toddler. It’s also easy to forget your wallet or lose other important items, since you’re busy trying to take care of your family. Travel insurance makes it possible for you to replace these items.

          Luckily, travel insurance is quite inexpensive. It’s well worth the price for the peace of mind it will bring you while you’re on vacation with your family.

          Allison works with, where you can go to learn more about when and how to purchase travel insurance.

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