Top 10 Signs You’ve Become a Grown Up

by cbishop on November 30, 2010


There are often times in our lives when we wonder if we are truly grown-ups. We wonder and wait for signs to show that we have crossed a significant threshold in our lives. Below is a list of signs, some humorous some not, that prove your crossover into adulthood.

1. You no longer ask questions such as “Where did you go to school?”

When you first enter adulthood, you still try to classify people by putting them in categories based on which team they cheered for and what high school or college they attended . Later in life you begin to realize there are much more important ways to classify people, such as: are you interesting or not?

2. You can afford a brand new car

Some people may have had new cars in high school or college, but that does not necessarily mean they bought them. The feeling of sifting through the new car deals, finally finding the one perfect ride and buying it on your own can’t be beat.

3. You don’t have a roommate

Having your own space is essential to having your own adult identity and having a home where you can do as you wish is liberating.

4. You are perfectly content to sit home on a Friday or Saturday night

There was a time when most of us would shudder to think of spending a Friday or Saturday night home alone, but as you become a grown-up, you begin to savor these moments of solitude.

5. PBS, History Channel, and A&E don’t seem dull anymore

As a child you loved Disney and cartoons, but now you are glued to the television watching a documentary on the Civil War, jazz, blues or the greatest 19th century murder trial.

6. You do your own laundry, or at least pay someone to do it

Long gone are the days when you went home to do laundry. Now you either do it yourself or go to a dry cleaner.

7. You remember when gas was under a dollar

It wasn’t that long ago that gas could be found for under a dollar, but at the rate today’s prices are going up it might as well have been in the last century…oh, but wait…it was!

8.You start saying things like “When I was a kid”

If you catch yourself talking to five and ten year olds by starting with “When I was a kid,” then somewhere at some point you have crossed the threshold into adulthood (and quite possibly crankiness).

9. Your children can control your home electronics better than you can

This might be true for all future generations. Beginning with the advent of the home VCR, parents and grandparents alike have been at the mercy of children to figure out the new fangled doo-dads.

10. You realize that life is short

The only things that truly matter are the positive impact you leave on others and time spent with family—a realization only a grown-up can come to.

Being grown-up isn’t a number—its knowing who you are, not caring what others think and believing in yourself. In reality, once you stop questioning if you are a grown-up, you know you truly are one.

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