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The Pros and Cons of Placing Your Child in Daycare

by SarahD on October 18, 2010


The Positive and Negative Aspects of Placing Children in Daycare

The decision to place one’s child in a daycare program is often an agonizing process, plagued with hundreds of uncertainties and many unanswered questions. From specific details about daycare’s potential impact on your child’s health and personal development, to worries about the financial ramifications of such a decision, choosing to utilize the services of a daycare provider can be a difficult commitment. Fortunately, armed with the right answers about what to expect from a daycare experience, parents can make an informed choice that best fits their family dynamic.

One of the primary concerns parents considering daycare face is a simple question of the cost of childcare. Unfortunately, unlike many other purchases in life, finding the right daycare provider is not a simple matter of who provides the cheapest services. Several different factors should be considered when contemplating whether the services offered by a particular daycare center line up with your specific expectations and needs. Though choosing to use a daycare service can be a pricey decision, many parents find that the benefits of using a professional childcare provider outweigh the steep prices associated with such services.

In addition to the impact daycare services can make on a family’s financial situation, the wellbeing of the child in question is a serious issue to reflect upon. Many parents feel upset at the prospect of allowing someone else to experience the key developmental milestones in their child’s life, rather than being present to do so themselves. Furthermore, many children are initially apprehensive about spending time apart from their parents, which can contribute to the guilt some feel for using daycare services. Though it can certainly be a challenge to overcome such reservations, most children acquire useful skills in daycare situations, which will prove useful for a child’s future personal growth. Positive examples include the acquisition of social skills, which are constructed and reinforced through the child’s daily interaction with his peers at daycare.

Unfortunately, the same interaction amongst youngsters that encourages the pivotal developmental of social skills can also be responsible for the transmission of less desirable behaviors, attitudes, and sicknesses. Children who come from homes that don’t share the same values as your own may share their learned behaviors with your own child, which can prove difficult for parents who struggle to understand why their child’s demeanor seems to have changed suddenly. Tackling such challenges can be frustrating for parents who must rely on the childcare provider to correct any behaviors which may be seen as negative.

Beyond behavior issues that can arise in daycare, young children often transmit sicknesses amongst themselves. From the common cold to lice infestation, if a child at the daycare facility is sick, your own child may be exposed to a variety of contagious ailments. While in most instances illnesses acquired at daycare don’t have longterm repercussions, it is important for parents to consider all of the possibilities associated with a child’s interaction with other children who are sick.

While determining whether or not daycare is the right option for your family can be difficult, many have found the solution to be practical for their own personal situations. By considering all of the necessary factors of such a commitment, you’ll be able to ease your own concerns, whilst ensuring the best outcome for your child. Furthermore, assuring that all parties will benefit from the childcare services  will guarantee your own personal satisfaction, in addition to providing your child with the necessary tools needed to excel in his personal development.

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