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The Best Baby Shower Games

by SarahD on May 5, 2011


Great Games for Baby Showers

One of the most difficult parts of planning a shower is picking the games.  Creating baby shower invitations is a lot of fun, as is selecting the menu and putting up decorations.  But when it comes time to address what you’ll be doing for the majority of the party, your mind probably goes blank.  Just think back to other showers you’ve been to and the horrible games they played (like smelling “dirty” diapers and trying to guess what kind of candy bar has been smooshed in them…yuck).  You don’t want people to remember the baby shower you host that way!  And while there are an awful lot of ideas for games online, you don’t really want to spend hours sifting through them to find the best ones.  So if you’re looking for a few games that will be a hit at the baby shower you’re throwing, here are some that are sure to please.

1.  Changing diapers.  You’re going to need a couple of those pee-pee dolls (the ones that you put water in and they pee it out) and a bag of diapers.  Contestants will get timed on how fast (and how well) they can diaper the doll before it starts to wet itself (and everything below it).  Veteran mothers should whiz through while those who have yet to bring a baby home may have some trouble (with hilarious results).

2.  Guess how many diapers.  Fill a clear plastic storage bin with diapers and have guests guess how many are in there.  The person with the closest guess will win a prize while the mom-to-be can take home the bin full of diapers (she’ll need them!).

3.  How well do you know the mom?  This is pretty standard fare for baby showers, with guests filling out questionnaires that ask things like how far along is the expectant mother, what name has she chosen for a boy or a girl, and what is her favorite pregnancy food.  But you can spice it up by throwing in some off-the-wall questions like where she was when she first experienced morning sickness or how many copies of What to Expect When You’re Expecting she received.

4.  Baby trivia.  This one will entail a bit of fact-checking on your part, but it could provide some interesting knowledge for the mom-to-be and everyone else at the party.  You can find lists of questions (and answers) online, but think about coming up with some of your own.  Have you ever wondered how much the average mom spends on disposable diapers in a year?  Or how about the age at which babies first start to communicate with language?  Perhaps you’re interested to know when a baby first realizes that it is autonomous from its mother.  These could all make for great trivia questions (but throw in a few easy ones, as well).

5.  Scrapbook pages.  This isn’t exactly a game, but if you know a lot of artsy-craftsy ladies, it could be a lot of fun.  You’ll need to provide a large space to work as well as plenty of colored paper, markers, scissors, glue, stickers, glitter, and whatever else you might use for a scrapbook.  Then have each guest create a page for the honoree’s baby album.  You’ll have a built-in gift if you give her the album to hold all the pages and each guest will feel that she’s contributed something personal to the mother-to-be.

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