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Teaching Toddlers

by admin on October 1, 2010


Teaching little toddlers is different from teaching pre-school kids. They aren’t quite ready for formal education, but neither are they still babies.  Toddlers typically love to learn, and soak up anything you teach them, which makes them both unique and fun!

The key to teaching toddlers is to keep the activities short, as they simply do not have the attention span yet of older children.  Easy, group activities that last only about five or ten minutes are perfect for toddlers.  They enjoy working together and will follow directions, but just not for any extended periods.

Here are a couple ideas toddlers will enjoy:

Balance Beams

Wrap up old phone books with construction paper and line them up on the floor for the toddlers to use as low and safe balance beams.


Tell the toddlers about the different days of the week, and explain that each has a name. Show them the calendar and tell them the names of the days. Circle days that are important to them, like their birthday, or the day of the zoo field tip, and let them count how many days it will be until then. Likewise, explain to them what the holiday is about, and let them watch TV shows about it.

Counting Game

You can use a paper lunch bag and bag of cotton balls to make a simple and inexpensive counting game for toddlers.    Put the cotton balls inside the bag, and have the children reach in and grab a handful, then put them on the floor and have the children help you count them.


Make a face board where you can stick on felt circles for the face, nose, and eyes, and different mouths and eyebrows to show feelings. Be sure to have eyebrows and mouths to show happy, made, scared, and sad, and let the toddlers change them out to show feelings.

You can think of lots of other toddler activities; just keep them simple and short enough to keep their attention.

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