Strollers and Baby Carriages: Which is Right for You?

September 24th, 2009 by Light Weight Strollers

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Almost as soon as baby is brought home, concerns about taking baby out of the house pop up. Most new moms have received some kind of baby car seat or carrier at a baby shower to transport baby safely home from the hospital.

She may even be the recipient of hand-me-downs from friends and family or the lucky purchaser at yard sales or flea markets for other kinds of baby transportation. Car seats are a definite necessity but a stroller or carriage can be a life-saving convenience.

There are many strollers or baby carriages to choose from and each has their own benefits and disadvantages. Most moms have found lightweight strollers can be the best all-around choice even if they own more than one style of stroller or baby carriage.

Lightweight strollers are easy to push. That alone makes them desirable, Most lightweight baby strollers will have a single handle, much like a grocery cart handle. Because the stroller is light, one hand in the center of the handle can push the stroller along freeing up a hand to hold on to a toddler, examine merchandise or even enjoy a drink.

If a mom is doubly blessed and needs seating for two in a carriage, lightweight double strollers are available that offer the same conveniences as the smaller models with only adding a bit more weight.

Mid- to heavy-weight carriages offer one obvious advantage over lightweight strollers. They have plenty of room to carry things other than the baby. This may be important to some moms but most will agree the ability to carry stuff does not compensate for the bulk and weight of these larger carriages. Lightweight baby strollers are more maneuverable, easier to fold up out of the way, more convenient when travelling and don’t take up nearly as much room as their heftier counterparts when stored.

Lightweight strollers tend to be on the less expensive of the stroller and baby carriage line up. And while this is a very good thing, it also means a diligent buyer needs to examine her intended purchase carefully. The basic structure of the lightweights should all be able to carry a precious bundle safely. But check the wheels and the way they’re affixed to the axles.

While there is virtually no danger of a flat tire, the idea of seeing a wheel rolling away from your lightweight double stroller or any lightweight stroller can be aggravating at least and potentially dangerous at worse.

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