Staying Active and Healthy in a Second (or Third) Pregnancy

by admin on January 5, 2011


Remember that first pregnancy? Or maybe you are still in the middle of it? (If so, congrats!) During that first pregnancy, all I could think of was the pregnancy. I was aware of everything I touched, everything I did, and every bite I ate. I read the ingredients in lotions, watched the scale, and went to aerobics class.

And thank God, I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Then I got pregnant again. And all that pregnancy vigilance went out the window. I no longer had time to even say the word pregnant. I was too busy chasing my daughter around the house and rocking her to sleep at night. It was difficult enough to stay healthy during my first pregnancy, but having a healthy pregnancy the second time around seemed nearly impossible.

I found myself getting absolutely no exercise, unless you include chasing my daughter and folding laundry. I just didn’t have time. I found myself eating her leftover mac and cheese instead of making myself a spinach smoothie.

I’ll be honest: I was exhausted. And it was starting to get a little depressing.

Then I found the magic tool. I bet you can guess what I’m going to say. I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with polar. Did you get it? Good for you! That’s right – I dusted off the stroller.

Of course, I already had one, but I had really only used it for trips to the mall or airport. I had barely broken it in. So, I strapped that little girl in, and I put a leash on the dog and I hit the road!

And my weight gain ceased almost immediately. And I began to feel better. I felt better physically and I felt better about not entirely botching my second pregnancy. My daughter and I walked every day, sometimes far and sometimes not, depending on the weather, but we made sure we got outside and walked at least once a day.

My obstetrician was thrilled with this news. I thought I was selling my second child short by not attending aerobics class, but the good doc told me that walking is one of the healthiest things a pregnant woman can do. Finally, I got something right.

So, if you too are struggling with staying active during a second (or third) pregnancy, get out the stroller (or double stroller) and hit the roads. You can also visit uBaby for more information on how to stay healthy during pregnancy.

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