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Six Innovative Indoor Games For the Family

by admin on November 2, 2010


The virtual vacation

If it looks like it is going to be an all day circumstance that you have to remain indoors. Then plan a virtual vacation. Start off the day by researching some far off land that everyone would love to go to. Let’s say Japan for example. Once the destination has been decided, then its time to make the props. Several hours can be spent making the décor that would create the Japanese atmosphere. Once this is done, then as a family prepare the meal that fits this country. Finally with all the props and the meal ready, most of the day has gone by and its time to enjoy your meal in your virtual country of choice.

A safari

Depending on the age and gender of the kids, a safari or treasure hunt is a great way to spend several hours. For the safari it can start by the kids learning about the type of animals they are going to discover. Using your imagination and having the children learn about an animal, then acting out the part and having the other family members guess what the animal is, always brings lots of fun and laughter.

A treasure hunt

Everyone designs a costume as a pirate and then is given a treasure map to go on a hunt about the house in search of the treasure (perhaps a few treats or small amount of money).

A board game tournament

Here throughout the day different board games are played and the score is tallied up throughout the day to see who the champion is. Perhaps there could be a grand prize depending on the age of the kids.

Indoor camping trip

All the summer camping fun can be moved indoors on a cold snowy winter’s day. With the shuffling of a little furniture surely enough room can be found to pop up a two man tent. If not then a few blankets strewn over a few chairs will work well. If the youngsters are still quite young this is the perfect atmosphere for the afternoon nap. Be sure to have all the treats on hand that goes with camping with a few modifications of course. Instead of roasted marshmallows make some marshmallow squares prior to the camping trip. This is sure to take up an hour or so of time as well and it is all part of the fun.

Arts and crafts with a twist

One of the most fail safe activities when stuck indoors is arts and crafts. It is always much more fun when done as a family though. One idea is to make a family craft scrap book. Each member picks a day that they remember that is important to them, then builds two or three pages of a story to depict that day. It can be a collage, or cuts outs for example. Then when it is all done the whole book is put together and called the family memory book. It makes for a wonderful keepsake.

Once you start to use your imagination, no doubt lots of games and activities will come to mind.

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