Setting Up a Positive Nanny Experience

by admin on December 1, 2010


As a busy mom of four I know the value of helping children learn to enjoy time without their parents. Not only is it helpful to have time to collect yourself or spend quality time with a loved one but also an important part of a healthy learning experience for your child(ren). I know my children need to learn that there are positive, exciting, fun things going on outside of just our general family.

It can be a challenge to find the right person, time, or situation to feel comfortable leaving your child(ren). That’s why it’s important to take the time to find a service that can provide a nanny that has been selected to best fit your needs. The time your child(ren) spend with others helps them to formulate ideas about life outside of their general family and provides a foundation for them to find security in other situations such as school, day care, or in other situations. It also provides a place for your child(ren) to learn that rules and limitations set in place by their parents are still important outside of their supervision.

Always spend the time to research the companies that are providing your nanny and be sure you agree with the policies that they apply to the people they are employing as a nanny, ask questions, have a list of things you expect and see where they stand with your expectations. Do a trial run and be sure that you are comfortable with a shorter time out such as; a grocery run, a hair appointment, to ask the kids and the nanny how things went to aid in the feeling of confidence for everyone involved. Run the nanny through your routine, make sure directions are simple and easy to understand, leave a copy of your rules, bed times, and other important information. Have phone numbers and other necessary items in and easy to find central location.

No matter the amount of preparation and care you put into finding a nanny your child(ren) may not always like that you are going out without them, and may even offer resistance to your outings from time to time regardless if they know and are comfortable with the people you have chosen to provide care. This is not necessarily an indication that there is a problem or that things are not going well with the nanny themselves, it may simply be a way your child(ren) may try to gain control of a new situation. Be sure to ask questions if you are concerned about anything involving problems during your outings, and aside from a simple discipline such as room time or a chair time out for negative behavior. It’s important to try to keep things positive and catch the kids doing things good rather than in a negative situation but if issues should arise be sure you have left clear instructions for your nanny as to what their roles should be. Try to have your nanny crate a list of issues that may have arisen during your outing to keep the major discipline between you and your child(ren).

Spending the time to talk to your child(ren) about bringing a nanny into the picture, doing research on the companies that provide nannies in your area and to see if they fit with your needs and expectation will set up a positive situation for all involved. A nanny should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved and taking the time to do the research will ensure the best fit for all involved.

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