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Popular Scwinn Strollers:

Arrow Fixed Wheel

The stroller has a comfortable and roomy interior, padded seat and five-point harness for added safety…..
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Turismo Swivel Wheel Single

Top of the line features make this Jogging Stroller a great value in terms of style, performance and quality…
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Turismo Swivel Double

This indoor / outdoor jogger is perfect on the sidewalk in the park and even perfect for short runs or long walks….
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Adolph Arnold and Ignaz Schwinn founded the company in 1895 that revolutionized bicycling. In 1909 Arnold’s share of the company was bought and with automobiles hitting the market, the company changed their focus to bikes for children. Within the next decade, the company purchased Excelsior Motor Cycle Company and Henderson Motor Cycle Company. In the 1930s new designs began setting the standards for the entire bicycle industry with the balloon bicycle tire’s introduction. During World War II the company expanded into a variety of military items and received and Excellence award from the army and navy. In 1967 the company changed names to the Schwinn Bicycle Company. The BMX bike racing phenomena began with the modified Sting-Ray in the 1960s. Throughout the years the company led the industry in the manufacturing of mountain and stationary bikes and other fitness equipment. In the early 1990s the company experienced financial difficulties and opened under new management. They changed their headquarters from Chicago to Boulder, Colorado. In 2001 the company was purchased by Pacific Cycle, Inc. based in Madison, Wisconsin. In 2004 Dorel Industries, Inc. acquired Pacific Cycle.

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Over the years several Schwinn strollers received iParenting Awards including the Swivel AL Jogging Stroller, In-Step Free Wheeler 2, and the Free Wheeler Swivel Jogging Baby Stroller. Reviews reveal excellence in handling especially on hills and rough terrain but cons include lack of features such as cup holders, bulky even when folded and not enough adjustments. If you’re looking for the ultimate in jogging strollers, check out Schwinn, their reputation speaks for itself.

Product Offering:

Eventually, the company started manufacturing baby strollers. Several Schwinn strollers are available today with the newest release of the 2010 Joyrider. It has lightweight, alloy, twenty inch wheels, a quick-folding aluminum frame, and zip-in weather shield and costs three hundred thirty dollars.


Scwinn has a 1 year warranty on their products.

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Shari Butler April 18, 2011 at 10:35 pm

I am looking to buy a twin stroller very inexpensive even returned one. I am helping care for twin 2 years olds who are coming out of an abusive home.