Preparing for Head Lice—Yep, I Said It!

by admin on January 11, 2012


Head lice: it’s the topic no one wants to talk about. Most of us mature adults have been conditioned to be absolutely horrified at the thought of a bug on our child’s head. But it does happen. It can even happen to babies. If your baby has hair, then he or she can catch head lice. (Suddenly not in such a hurry for those locks to grow, right?)

Did you know that head lice are adapting to the shampoos we are using to try and kill them? Pediatricians have coined the term “superlice,” because these bugs have become resistant to our pesticide shampoos.

Which brings me to the point I want to share with you. No, I’m not here because I love to talk about head lice. I’m here because I know that if we parents talk more about it, we can outsmart these bugs! And a new product has recently hit the market—the Lice Terminator. Against it, head lice, even so-called superlice, don’t stand a chance.

Unlike the shampoos, which don’t even work anymore, and are likely dangerous, the Lice Terminator uses simple heat to kill the lice. You simply slide it through your child’s hair, and it kills the lice and nits. There is no pain or discomfort to your child. You don’t have to put chemicals on her head and then wait 10 minutes while she cries and tries to scratch at her head, wondering what on earth you’ve done to her.

The Lice Terminator is a one time purchase. And because it works the first time, there’s no need to “retreat” in seven to ten days.

And heaven forbid, if you ever have to use it again, it will still work as well as the first time, meaning you don’t have to run out to the store to buy another “head lice removal kit.”

So, not only does the Lice Terminator work against the superlice, not only is it safer than other treatments, not only is it far more pleasant for your child, it will also save you money. Whether you order one right now, or you just file this nugget of wisdom away until you need it (and I honestly hope you never do), know that you do not have to use the old-fashioned pesticides on your child’s head, ineffectively battling the superlice. Getting rid of head lice can be easy. Just remember the Lice Terminator.

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