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Sorting it out: Planning for Your New Baby

by admin on October 6, 2010


When you decide to have a baby, it can be the most thrilling moment of your life. Just imagine, once you get pregnant, you could have a tiny baby in just nine months time. It might seem like pregnancy lasts for an eternity; days of never-ending sickness and lethargy can be problematic for some women. However, there is quite a lot to get ready in nine months time, and fitting it in when you don’t feel like doing anything can be another hurdle to overcome. Relate has the following advice for parents awaiting the birth of their new baby.


Sorting out time off work can be stressful for both the mother and father of the baby. Having time to bond with your baby is important for both of the parents, as well as having a few moments to let it sink in that you are a new parent. However much time you choose to have off after the birth, make sure to book some off before the baby is due too. You may find it harder to get up and around, and getting all the last minute details sorted is a priority.


After you have decided when and how long you will each be off with the baby, it will be easier to predict what your disposable income will be. This effectively will become your baby budget, and you will need it to purchase a crib, pram, nappies, and lots more. You may find it frustrating to buy items new, only for them to be needed for a short while; therefore it is often worth asking friends and family if they have any second hand baby goods they can offer you.


You might find it hard to imagine what it will actually be like once the birthing process is over and done with. You are left with a delicate and precious life, yours to defend. Drafting in the help of your friends and family can be a godsend in the early months, even if it is just so you can get a nap for an hour. Ask your family now who is willing to help out, but let them know that you still need the chance to get used to the baby alone, meaning you need time to yourselves as well.

Avoid stress

Having a baby is stress enough on its own, so there is no need to unnecessarily add to this with other trivial matters in life. If you need to move home to have a bigger space for your new family, try and do this when you are trying for baby rather than once it is on its way. This may seem like a difficult decision if you are worried about miscarrying, but packing boxes and loading them into a van is hard work when you are carrying a baby around with you. If there are stresses from other aspects of your life, try to prioritize to get everything done in time.

Of course, there is more to get done before your baby arrives than what is listed here. You can visit antenatal classes for advice, as well as contacting your local Relate for Parents for extra information about what you can expect in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Even though it may seem hard, remember to enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible, as it isn’t something you experience every day.

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