Peg Perego Stroller

A Peg Perego lightweight stroller; an Italian company founded in 1949; is not as spacious as their mid- and heavy-weight counterparts, but they are a first choice for a lot of busy moms because of the ease of folding up and putting away, taking up less space overall, and being lighter to push and enable a mom to free up one hand to carry her baby, or a refreshing drink.

The 2010 collection of Peg Perego Lightweight Strollers include the following models:


This lightweight stroller model has a handlebar that is reversible, height adjustable and equipped with hand brake. It also has an opening hood that transforms into a canopy, child tray with drink holder, cup holder, adjustable backrest and leg rest, large basket that snaps into place and fold-up closing, enabling the stroller to be free-standing when closed. Add price

Pliko Switch and Pliko P3.

This stroller provides maximum comfort. This model transforms from a carrier to a stroller. It comes with a footrest with a non-skid insert to carry an older sibling, a reversible seat, adjustable backrest and leg rest, height-adjustable handles, cup holder, back wheels with new centralized brake cable and five-point seat belt. Add price

Si and Si Classic.

Both of these models feature hood with sun visor and window for air flow, five-point seat belt, central handle for folding, cup holder, height adjustable handles, 3-position reclinable backrest, one-hand folding. Add price

Aria Completo.

This stroller is superlight and very easy to close. It has an ergonomic handle with a cup or baby bottle holder, removable front child tray with cup holder, reclinable backrest, easy compact folding and five-point seat belt. Add price

GT3 Completo.

This all-terrain stroller has rear shock absorbers that can be adjusted according to terrain condition, rear seat for children 6 months or older, rain canopy, height adjustable handle equipped with baby sling and brake lever and mudguard. Add price

GT3 For Two.

Like the name implies, this model is the same as the GT3, but accommodates two children of the same age. Add price

One major appeal of the Peg Perego lightweight strollers is the less expensive price tag. One of the pros of heavy-weight strollers is the higher likelihood of a sturdier structure, which justifies the higher cost for some moms when they consider the well-being of their children. When making your purchase, make sure the structural design of the stroller meets your own safety standards and comfort level.

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