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Popular Mountain Buggy Strollers:

Mountain Buggy Duo

The duo double stroller fits through standard doorways, and with added features like a water bottler holder, newborn accommodating harness, a deep recline, and flat fold, the mountain buggy duo makes strolling with baby super easy….
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Urban Jungle Stroller

The Urban Jungle is a versatile buggy easy to maneuver in the city streets and easy to handle across all terrain…
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Mountain Buggy Swift

Lockable swivel front wheel, 10 inch air tires, an adjustable handle, and an adjustable canopy making this a great stroller to use around town or out on a trail…
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Mountain Buggy Strollers was conceived by a fitness-conscious dad who wanted to take his child on a jog. He started with a variety of ideas that became a top seller in jogging strollers. This company’s first stroller hit the market in 1992. The company is based in New Zealand and recently experienced financial difficulty which resulted in Tritec Manufacturing Limited selling Mountain Buggy to Phil and Ted’s in early 2009. The strollers have two different categories: buggies and carrycots.

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The Terrain Single Stroller was ranked number four on a Best Baby Strollers list on the website. This Mountain Buggy award winner will meet your needs from infant to four years old which makes the price of three hundred sixty dollars much more attractive.

Product Offering:

The newest Mountain Buggy strollers are the Swift, Urban Jungle, and Duo. All three also are available as carrycots which are detachable carriers for infants. The Swift Buggy weighs twenty-one pounds with a weight capacity of seventy-seven pounds. The Swift costs four hundred fifty dollars with free shipping. The Swift Carrycot cost one hundred fifty dollars. The Urban Jungle is the all-terrain option. Its three twelve inch wheels make it easy to maneuver on any surface. Priced at five hundred dollars, it certainly is a high-end model. The carrycot version costs one hundred seventy dollars. The Duo obviously is for two children and priced at six hundred eighty dollars. It weighs only thirty-five pounds and holds fifty-five pounds in each seat. The carrycot version has prices ranging from one hundred sixty to two hundred fifty dollars. All three buggies have adjustable handles, aluminum frames, cup holders and foot brakes as well as the basic amenities


Mountain Buggy products have one-year warranty against material and workmanship defects

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