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Make a Difference; Work with Kids

by SarahD on February 5, 2011


Jobs Working with Kids

People who work with kids often declare the highest levels of job satisfaction to be found in any profession.  Shaping the lives of young people and ensuring that they are loved, cared for, and able to realize their full potential offers rewards that go way beyond monetary.  So if you’re looking to give something of yourself, build a living legacy, and offer children opportunities that they might not otherwise have, then perhaps you should consider some of the many jobs available for those who wish to work with children.  Here are a few of the best positions available on job search websites.

1.  Teacher.  This position may offer you the best opportunity to affect the lives of a large group of young people.  By taking a proactive and progressive approach to interacting with children and imparting the information they need to complete a grade level in a particular subject (not to mention injecting the topic with your own passion and creativity), you can open kids’ minds to a whole world that they never knew existed, and potentially change their lives for the better.

2. Counselor.  There are all kinds of counseling services available for children, so you have a lot of choices when it comes to this occupation.  You can work in the school system, helping kids to plan class schedules, deal with conflict, and address personal issues.  You could also consider a counselor position at a camp or go the more mainstream route and provide psychological services for troubled children.  Any path you choose will provide you with the rare opportunity to help a child in need.

3.  Job advisor.  Older kids have an entirely different set of needs when it comes to direction in their lives, and as a job advisor you can help teens to figure out what they’re suited for, what they love, and ultimately, the best career choices that incorporate both.  You get to see the potential in the future leaders of our planet and ensure that they make their way into the profession that will bring happiness and fulfillment to their lives.

4.  Coach.  There are all types of coaching to consider, from sports to drama to speech and debate.  Each comes with its own challenges and rewards, but all of them allow you to help kids develop confidence, embrace the team spirit, adopt an attitude of hard work and perseverance, and learn valuable skills that will stay with them for life (and help them to cope and compete in the real world).  In many cases, a coach can play the most influential role in a developing young person’s life.

5.  CASA.  Although the CASA organization is based on volunteers, becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children will allow you to assess a potentially hazardous situation and make life better for children that might otherwise get stuck in dangerous or harmful circumstances (or alternately, get lost in the shuffle).  You might actually be saving the lives of innocent children by providing a voice for them in court.  You won’t get paid for your work, but the rewards you’ll gain from representing the best interests of abused and neglected children will more than make up for any loss of income.

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