Lightweight Jogging Strollers

What To Look For In Lightweight Jogging Strollers

People that love to run and jog don't just all of sudden quit and stop their passion just because a baby came along. They have probably jogged while pregnant and thanks to innovative lightweight jogging strollers manufacturers they don't have to.

Unfortunately just because a stroller is lightweight doesn't automatically mean they are perfect for the morning jogging routine. So finding the right stroller can make all the difference in how much you are going to enjoy your morning run.

It used to be that your local sports store was the only lace you could find the first jogging strollers. Back than it was conventional wisdom that you needed 2 strollers, one for everyday life and another for jogging purposes. These lightweight jogging strollers were constructed with one purpose in mind, running, and didn't include any amenities like a place to hold the diaper bag etc.

Nowadays they are designed with convenience in mind as well. As a matter of fact they even make a double jogging stroller for parents of twins.

One thing to pay attention to in particular on a well designed lightweight jogging stroller is that it has the ability to unlock a swiveling front wheel. While perfect for running along safely a locked wheel makes it awfully cumbersome to maneuver the stroller in tight places like a grocery aisle for example.

Also if you are planning on putting some considerate miles on your stroller make sure that it has a lightweight sturdy aluminum frame. The best constructions out there have a single piece frame without any hinges or joints that can weaken in time. Due to their sleek design, these lightweight strollers are easy to collapse.

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