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Choosing a Jogging Stroller for an Active Lifestyle

Staying fit is a lifestyle choice that must be a priority or the hectic demands of life will edge out attempts at exercising. There is an informal stereotype among new parents that an active lifestyle must be postponed until the children are “the right age”. However, for most, the “right” time never comes. The truth be told, there will always be an excuse or reason to not exercise. Among the best whole body exercises are walking or jogging. Since hitting the pavement is almost completely free, it is a fantastic choice for parents looking to drop a costly gym membership. After choosing a good pair of running shoes, selecting from models of jogging strollers is the only thing standing between a new Mom or Dad and being fit and healthy.

There are many brands of baby strollers and features available. Some brands are more well known for their fitness capacity than others. It is a good idea to access your needs, the needs of your child or children, and your budget before beginning the comparisons. Here are a few questions to consider.

1. Are you a seasoned, experienced runner, or just beginning a fitness regimen?

There are models available that are designed for runners that are out without fail for 5 or 6 days a week. There are also joggers that are great for use as a regular, out and about stroller. Generally, “serious” strollers are sturdier, have fewer features and are less convenient (i.e. do not fold as well). Serious joggers should be aware that their pace must diminish by 1 mph for safety reasons.

2. What is best for the family?

For many families, one child is enough and thus, spending the money for a top of the line single stroller is fine. However, if you already have more than one child or are considering another, it may be advisable to look at double jogging strollers that seat two. Since most jogging strollers have a capacity of 100 pounds, they can be used until most children are 5 or 6 with ease.

The most well known brands of jogging strollers include Bob, Instep, and Baby Jogger. They are consistently rated well among customers and have good reciprocity percentages. Most of these brands models are three wheeled and are designed to roll well without much effort. Here are a few solid strollers worth considering based on their unique features.

The Bob Revolution stroller is a good choice for parents interested in beginning an exercise routine. It is a reliable model that includes off-road wheels and 3 inches of suspension for a smooth, easy ride for baby. Because it also has a swiveling front wheel, it is also good for maneuvering in stores or anywhere Mom or Dad may need. Customers rave about how smooth the ride is for baby.

A good example of instep jogging strollers is the Safari. It boasts a one handed fold for convenience, a grab bar for the little ones, and 16″ rear wheels with tread. The seats include padded shoulder harnesses and they also recline for smaller babies. A big benefit of this model is the low price. Users love the easy maneuverability and the double sun shades for each chid.

For the serious, experienced runner is the baby jogger Performance Single. This stroller has three bicycle sized 20″ wheels and a one piece aluminum frame. This means that because there are no joints or hinges, the frame will not weaken during long, high intensity runs. However, this means that the Performance Single has limited transportability. Most people must remove the wheels in order to put it into a vehicle. Most people who purchase this model do so for taking long runs around their home and rave about the high quality and durability of this stroller.

3. What climate will the stroller be used in?

In areas with snow or ice, larger wheels with tread are recommended as well as a canopy to shield the child(ren) from wind. In areas with mild, temperate winters, this may not be necessary.

4. Will it be used for travel?

There are large weight differences between strollers, as well as size when folded. A lightweight and compact stroller can be a lifesaver when traveling by plane or when needing to lug it in and out of a car often. If being able to transport a stroller easily is important, choose a model that is lightweight.

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