How To Write the Perfect Baby Shower Cake Inscription

by admin on February 16, 2011


The cake is one of the many indispensable items in a baby shower. It is a symbol in most parties and it makes your food table look pretty. Apart from adorning your table, baby shower cakes also carry great messages to the mom-to-be or the expecting couple. How do you do that? All you need to do is add in cake wording. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, this article can help you learn how to write the right words on your baby shower cake without the fuss.

Admit it! Your cake wordings should be sweet yet smart, short yet snappy. Don’t worry if you find this hard to do. You will learn a trick or two from this article. We already got your back so put on your thinking caps and let the brainstorming begin.

The wording is usually brimming with joy and excitement. These words express congratulations or well wishes for the couple or the mom-to-be. Why not make it catchy? Spark some interest by showcasing clever wording on the baby shower cake. You can follow the tricks below for party planning with fewer hassles.

  • Pick out your cake.

    This way, you are sure that your message fits the size of your cake. Smaller cake means that you can only write brief messages. A one-liner may do. Bigger cakes mean that you have enough space to fit a line or two. You can even write a poem if you want.

  • Jot down every little detail

    about the baby, the expecting mom’s family, the baby’s siblings, the mother’s favorite color, and baby shower theme.

  • Catchy Sentence

    Jotting everything down will give you an idea for your one-liner or poem. From all the data that you have gathered, come up with a catchy sentence. For example: Do this for a baby girl whose name will be Leia with a princess theme. “Soon the wait is going to be over with the first cry of little Princess Leia”

  • If writing your own cake wording is too stressful

    for you, you can take advantage of the commonly used lines such as the examples below:

    • All hail Prince (or Princess) (insert baby’s name here)!
    • It’s a baby (insert gender here)!
    • Future (insert profession here)
    • Twinkle, twinkle little star
    • Welcome to the world Baby (insert gender here)!
  • A simple welcome message

    will do as well. Example are “Welcome to the world, Baby Leia”

  • You can even put in the baby’s due date.

  • You can also write a poem for the mother and baby

    However, you should remember to keep it simple and short to avoid boring your guests.

  • Another cute idea

    is to make your cake as your guest book. Let everyone sign the cake but take a picture of it before slicing. This works best for small baby showers.

The important thing in writing cake wording is that the message comes from the heart. Make the couple or the mom feel special on this particular occasion. Help them take away their fears about the delivery and in raising their child. You can do that by writing the most beautiful and inspiring words. Good luck and have fun!

Marcy loves the gift of life. To commemorate this, she throws baby showers and birthday parties for her friends to enjoy. You can learn more about modern baby shower decorations and baby shower decoration ideas when you read her posts.

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