How to Make Reading Fun to Your Baby

by admin on December 3, 2010


As your little one grows there are a lot of things for her to learn and one of the most important things is reading. People often think that a baby can not learn to read until it is two years old. But this is a misconception. Your baby can actually start reading when it is as little as twelve months. Many people also try teaching their baby how to read before that. But this may mean unnecessary pressure on the baby.

Remember your baby can learn how to read quickly if she enjoys reading. When you teach your baby how to read you are not only making her familiarize with word but also with the world around, increasing her vocabulary, helping her to memorize things and learn how to connect objects to words. If you can inculcate a love of book in your baby your baby will soon enjoy reading them.

Here are few tips that would help you to teach your baby how to read.

  1. First of all read books to the little one. When you read to baby make sure to read aloud and pronounce all the words clearly. Besides reading the words loudly you can also sing to your baby. Remember babies love music. If you put the same words in rhythm your baby will learn the words easily and if they already know the words it will be easier for them to read it out than reading an unfamiliar word.
  2. Remember babies usually have short attention span. So don’t try to make your baby sit for hours and read. Even if she concentrates for 5 to 10 minutes, it is enough for the day.
  3. Buy books with colorful images, big fonts and objects that your baby can touch and feel. If your baby finds the book interesting she will hang on to it. Show your baby the images and then read out the corresponding words so that your baby can connect the word with the object.
  4. Make reading fun for your baby as if you are playing a game with her. Hold your babe in your lap and then help her to read. If she is bored or not interested in it, don’t force her.

Follow these simple tips and your baby will soon learn how to read.

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