How to Make Nutrition Fun for Kids

by cbishop on January 25, 2011


Nutrition is something that is important for many people today. Getting kids to understand nutrition can be almost as difficult as getting them to eat their veggies. Of course, not all kids hate veggies, but if you have a picky eater, you may find that you need a little extra help getting your kids to understand why they need to, and even more help getting them to enjoy nutrition. Here are some ways to help make nutrition a little more fun for kids.

1. Make a chart

Kids like to see things visually. Help them make their own food pyramid chart. This can help them understand that there are certain foods that they need to eat to be healthy. Make the chart bright and fun. You can find templates for these online and also at some health food stores.

2. Let them help in the kitchen

Kids are much more likely to want to eat something if they helped make it. Even if it is something that they normally wouldn’t eat, you may find that they absolutely love it if they are the ones that put the time and effort into it.

3. Have fun with the meals

You don’t have to tell the child that there are certain things in their meal that they don’t like. Dress it up, and make it look fun. Kids are more likely to eat something if they find it fun or silly, rather than if it is just plain and boring. Similarly, doing things like making a fresh smoothie can help your children get the nutrition they need, and it’s fun and yummy for them!

4. Plant a garden

If your child has trouble eating their veggies, make it into a little bit more of a project. Plant a garden, even if it is a small one. As with cooking together, they are more likely to eat something that they put their own time and effort into. Many children like to nurture, and letting them know that they are growing their own food can be very helpful in getting them to understand and eat it.

5. Add in a little education to your meals

Instead of just telling the child that they have to eat the food, try educating them about it. For example, you can help them understand that carrots help your eyes. Let them know how what they are eating affects their body, and what good things are in the food.

6. Help them realize that good foods don’t always taste bad

Many fruits are just as sweet, if not more so, than candy or other sweets. Keep out the junk food, and instead show them that even though it’s good for you, doesn’t make it bad. Keeping healthy, but yummy, snacks around the house can get the children in the habit of eating more fruits and veggies.

Teaching nutrition to children can be difficult (unless you happen to be a nutritionist). One of the best ways that many parents have found is patience and teaching by example. If you are eating junk food all day, and hate your veggies, most likely your child will follow this, as well.

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nutrition for kids January 27, 2011 at 6:59 pm

You can always hide what is inside the food with flavor, if you add spices to dress up tomatoes they won’t know the difference.


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