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How to Find the Right Reading Tutor

by admin on October 18, 2010


A reading tutor can help students of any age develop and refine critical skills that can assist them in achieving better academic performance –and greater intellectual enjoyment– for a lifetime. Of course, it takes the right kind of reading tutor to contribute to an ultimately positive experience, and choosing a less than competent or ill-suited candidate can result in further frustration for students and parents alike. By keeping an eye out for essential tutor traits, however, those looking for homework help and personalized reading instruction can find someone with the right recipe for reading success.

Credentials are some of the most crucial factors in the consideration of a potential tutor, regardless of the subject at hand. Tutors engaged in college programs are highly sought due to their proven success with given disciplines, and because they’re focused on the very skills they aim to teach, making it easier for them to gain a relevant perspective that’s in tune with that of their own pupils. Looking at the breadth of a potential tutor’s qualifications, rather than focusing solely on impressive scholastic achievements in a single field, is a good way to select a quality tutor.

Asking a prospective reading tutor about their plans for correcting any issues and improving performance can also lead to more consistent results. While some tutors may prefer to work “off the cuff” based on the student’s precise needs, qualified individuals should have some idea of the kind of structure and scope with which they’d like to work. Tutors who set milestones, prefer specific reading materials or guides, or who are interested in a student’s school syllabi are likely to be strong candidates.

The way a tutor looks on paper, and their game plan for improving reading skills, aren’t the only components that work towards creating a truly valuable source of homework help and meaningful learning. Getting a feel for the personality of a tutor and their compatibility with a student is vital, as even the best credentials and most promising schedules can lead to disaster if a proper social connection can’t be established. Trying an initial session is a great way to make a quick yet accurate assessment of the real potential of a tutor-student relationship.

Whether it’s help for SAT prep in the verbal section or a jump-start for an elementary school student struggling with the basics, a quality reading tutor can make a quality difference.

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