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How To Enjoy A Wedding…With A Baby

by admin on November 14, 2010


Today, plenty of couples already have babies and small children when they decide to marry. For some, planning a wedding with a baby can be a difficult task. It’s true that little ones are quite unpredictable, but it’s still important to make sure they are a part of this special celebration. If you’re looking for ways to plan a wedding that also honors your whole family, and your adorable baby or toddler, we can help.

In fact, making sure your child or children are part of the ceremony can be a wonderful way to make the day memorable for a lifetime. Some day, your baby will be all grown up and they’ll enjoy looking at video and wedding photos from this lovely occasion. Here are some ways to incorporate a baby or small child into a wedding ceremony:

1.)    Cute Outfits –

Dressing up your baby for a wedding can be so much fun, and everyone will coo over your adorable infant when they are dressed to the nines. Tiny, frilly dresses for baby girls, and tuxedo “onesies” for baby boys can be so appealing…and photogenic. If you’re planning on holding your baby or having him or her close by while you exchange vows, be sure to dress your baby in something truly special.

Of course, these outfits aren’t always designed for comfort…be sure your infant doesn’t have to wear it for very long. If you have a toddler, they may really enjoy the whole “event” of dressing up and playing a supporting role in your wedding. Get creative and design or buy outfits that make your little one look amazing.

2.)    Adorable Accessories –

Many moms and dads look for sweet accessories to make their babies look even cuter during a ceremony or reception. Some popular choices include – satin and lace elastic hair bands for girls, bowties for baby boys, and baby necklaces and bracelets. If you have a little one and you are of Celtic heritage, consider a kiddies’ Celtic Cross pendant for your daughter. This can become a special keepsake for a hope chest – it can be worn for years after the wedding, and then transferred to an adult-length chain when the child is older.

Any special pendant or piece of jewelry will work here, but always consider safety – your child must be closely monitored at all times. Put the keepsake in a jewelry box after the ceremony, and expect it to become a family heirloom in years to come.

3.)    Family-Friendly Receptions –

Exchanging vows will always be somewhat formal – after all, it is an ancient tradition. However, your reception can be much more family friendly and relaxed. To incorporate your baby into the wedding, invite children and babies (and their parents!) to the reception. If everyone understands that the reception is a family event, there will be less friction when children make noise or generally make their presence known. Plan something simple that doesn’t center around alcohol – parents can enjoy a cocktail or two, but the reception should be for all ages. If you’re renting a venue, make sure the location permits babies and young children at special events.

Fun music that isn’t jarring for little ones, and simple foods that children can also enjoy will make things special, without being too “adult”. Consider an outdoor barbecue where noise filters into the air and children can run around. A tent or marquee can be a lovely way to make things beautiful and special, while still granting children the freedom they need.

Making a wedding family friendly doesn’t have to be a compromise – instead, it can be a lovely way to include your own beloved child, and also enjoy the company of your friends and family. Noone will have to worry about babysitters – although, if you’re feeling generous, hiring a couple for the children at your wedding can be a wonderful idea – and everyone will understand that your wedding is meant for attendees of all ages. Make it clear from the start that babies and children are going to be there.

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