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How to Choose Between Bottle and Breastfeeding

by SarahD on February 5, 2011


Bottle Feeding or Breastfeeding: Which One is Right for You?

Some women have no trouble whatsoever deciding whether they should feed their infant the natural way or with a bottle.  Some are strictly pro-nature while others say “no way!”  But for most new mothers, the choice is not so simple.  The process can be fraught with indecision, feelings of guilt, and social stigma (not to mention actual physical problems), making it extremely difficult to select the proper course of action.  So if you’re having trouble deciding which way to go when it comes to feeding your newborn, here are a few things you should know.

First, it is important to note that mother’s milk is usually the healthiest for a baby.  Natural milk passes along the majority of nutrients a baby needs to grow and develop properly (although there is generally a shortage of vitamin D, which can be given as a supplement).  But it also contains vital antibodies that keep your baby safe from illness and infection during their most susceptible period of life.  In addition, babies who are given breast milk tend to have less digestive problems.  While all of this is good news for women keen to breastfeed, it should be noted that by pumping, women who are unable to feed their babies naturally (whether because they have to work, there is difficulty latching on, or they suffer too much pain from suckling, just to name a few reasons) can still give their infant the benefits of breast milk.

This brings us to the next issue, which is an inability to breastfeed.  Many first-time mothers (and even those that are experienced) can have problems doing it the natural way.  For one thing, latching on doesn’t come naturally.  You need to know what you’re doing to get a baby to suckle properly.  For another thing, it can be fairly painful for the mother (not to mention frustrating).  For this reason, it could help to hire a breastfeeding coach.  This person will come to your home and instruct you in the proper way to feed your baby, as well as impart tips to make it go smoothly and painlessly so that both of you can live with the process.

Of course, breastfeeding may simply not be an option.  Or you may choose not to do so, for personal reasons.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with deciding to go this route.  Many new mothers must return to work, or the thought of breastfeeding may be undesirable in some way.  It’s nothing to feel guilty about; to each her own.  But if you decide to go with formula, just be sure to speak with your pediatrician to make sure that you’re giving your baby all the nutrients he or she needs to stay healthy.  Not all formulas are created equal, and reading the label can help you to determine which brand is right for your baby (although your infant may display their displeasure in a number of ways…most notably their diaper deposits).

It’s not easy to choose whether to give your baby the breast or the bottle.  But whichever decision you make has to be right for you, regardless of what anyone else thinks.  If your conscience is clear and the method of feeding you choose suits your lifestyle, then you’re going to be more at ease with your baby, and that’s what really matters.

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