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How to Childproof Your Home for the Holidays

by SarahD on October 16, 2010


Ways to Childproof Your Home for the Holiday Season

As holidays quickly approach, you may want to consider childproofing your home before visitors and a Christmas tree arrive. If you have small children around the house, you have probably already begun the lengthy process of childproofing every cabinet and door within reach. There still may be a few hazards you overlooked, as the hectic holidays are just a few months away on your calendar.

It is important to remember that the most harmful aspect of furniture is its ability to move around. Children love to get into all kinds of trouble, and tipping furniture falls into that category. The leading cause of injury with children under seven years of age involves tipping furniture. This can include television sets, chairs, or even coffee tables. Try your best to avoid placing televisions on top of anything precarious and to invest in a piece of furniture that can properly hold the T.V. Chances are the television will be a popular entertainer during the holidays as you fix dinner and do the dishes. Avoiding mishaps now will be the best way to ensure a smooth holiday for the family. Do not place any attractive items, like stockings, or pumpkins near the T.V. in order to keep your children from attempting to retrieve these items. Place the remote control in an accessible location for you that will keep your children from climbing up the furniture.

Great products that will help prevent furniture accidents are brackets and straps. These not only help avoid tip-over’s, but also help maintain your furniture. The Brackets and straps are installed at the back of your furniture in order to avoid damage to the style and design of your furniture.

During the holidays, the electrical outlets and cords can become particularly dangerous for children. Christmas lights are strewn about leaving a dangling mess of chords behind for you to organize. Try placing string lights high enough so children won’t be able to reach them. Also, avoid purchasing lights that get extremely hot to touch just in case your child gets their hands on them.

Use ornaments that are made of plastic, or fabric in order to avoid any accidents. Children are infamous for tearing down your decorations. Instead of buying expensive, breakable ornaments, invest in kid-friendly decorations for you and your children to enjoy. Remember to keep any poisonous plants, like Poinsettias out of reach as well. Children love to place things in their mouths and it is essential to avoid this mistake with an indoor plant.

When preparing for the holidays, sometimes paying attention to the little details makes the biggest difference. Even window shades or blinds can present a threat to your little ones. The cords can cause strangulation and the blinds can fall on your child. Be conscientious of pulling your blinds high enough to avoid an accident and consider installing tension devices on the cords, or tying loose ends to the wall.

When a lot of family and friends are visiting from out of town, sleep over’s are inevitable. Remember to place any children’s beds away from the windows and any heat source, like a fireplace, or space heater. This will avoid any fire hazards and ensure a safe stay. By following these simple and easy tips, the holidays will surely be more enjoyable and less stressful.

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