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Fun Christmas Activities to do with Kids

by SarahD on October 22, 2010


Activities for You and Your Children for Christmas

One of the greatest things about the arrival of the holiday season is that it heralds a certain amount of quality time to be spent with your family, and especially with the kids.  Winter afternoons spent over a steaming mug of cocoa provide an excellent opportunity to turn on a little Christmas music, pull out the arts and crafts supplies, and do some fun holiday activities.  Of course, you could also go sledding or skiing, build snowmen, or partake of the powder in a number of other ways, but when the weather gets bitingly cold, you’ll no doubt want to hunker down indoors.  So here are a few fun projects to while away the winter days with your kids.

1.   Pine cone ornaments.  Before the weather gets to cold (or the snow gets too deep), go out for a nature hike and pick up some pine cones along the way.  Allow them to dry completely before using them for crafts, then decorate them with tempera paint, glitter, and an assortment of other adornments before stringing them up to hang on the tree.

2.   Cotton ball Santa and snowmen.  Make some stencils for the overall shape of Santa and a snowman and then use construction paper to cut parts like a hat, jacket, pants, and boots for Santa and a top hat, pipe, and nose for the snowmen (for example).  Once you have all the parts ready, get your kids pasting them on their own paper dolls.  Then glue on cotton balls for the snowy areas of the snowmen and for Santa’s beard and the trim on his clothing.

3.   God’s eye.  This is a neat craft that kids sometimes learn in school.  But if you want to try it on your own, all you’ll need is multicolored yarn and some tongue depressors or popsicle sticks.  Arrange two sticks in a cross and glue them together.  Then tie the end of the yarn to the top “arm”, near the center, leaving some length on the end that hangs out in order to use it later for hanging the god’s eye.  Next, wrap the yarn around the left arm (front to back), and repeat the motion with the bottom arm, the right arm, and so on.  Continue the process from arm to arm, wrapping each loop on the outside of the stick so that your yarn radiates out from the center.  Tie off the end when you get close to the edge of your sticks.

4.   Christmas cards.  You can get double duty out of this craft.  Not only can kids work together to create a beautiful and unique craft, you can send them to friends and relatives to add a personalized feel to your holiday cards.  Grandparents are sure to love receiving these in the mail.

5.   Sugar cookies.  Baking isn’t exactly a craft, but you can get pretty crafty with these traditional holiday baked goods.  Whip up a batch of dough and use seasonal cutters to get some neat shapes.  Once they’re cooked and cooled, let the kids adorn them with colored icing, candy, and holiday themed cake decorations.  Use them for gifts or simply enjoy them with your family!

Sarah Danielson writes for Santa’s Quarters where you can find commercial Christmas Decorations and other great decorations for the holiday season.

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