Four Worst Gifts for a New Mom, & Four Helpful Ideas

by cbishop on January 26, 2011


Don’t try to choose the perfect gift for your new mom-to-be at the very last minute! If the due date is approaching, keep these best and worst lists in mind to give the new mommy a pleasant surprise:

Bad Gifts for the New Mommy

1. Stuffed Animals

Cuddly stuffed animals are definitely cute, but they should be a gift for the new baby rather than a present for mom. Unless this stuffed animal comes with something else, leave it on the store shelf and keep shopping.

2. Potted Plants or Flowers

Everyone thinks they should give potted plants or cut flowers to anyone who is in the hospital. However, this just gives the new mommy one more thing to lug home and take care of.

3. Candy

Your favorite new mommy has probably already started to think about losing her extra pregnancy weight. A huge box of candy will either be too tempting or a reminder of what she has to give up for awhile. Neither situation is good.

4. Greeting Cards

While the thought always counts, this gift goes into the same category as rest of the bad gifts. If this is all you can come up with, just skip it and spend some time with the new mommy and baby.

Great Gifts for the New Mommy

1. Jewelry

Mommy jewelry is the perfect gift for anyone who has just had a new baby! While it can be a little expensive, nine months of carrying a child and who-knows-how-many hours of labor means she deserves a little reward. Because this experience will be remembered for the rest of her life, you should present her with a gift that will last just as long.

To let her know this day means just as much to you as it does to her, choose a piece that can be engraved. At a later date, you can add the baby’s name and birthday to the back to make the piece of mommy jewelry even more special!

2. Books

Although mommy may not have a lot of time on her hands in the near future, books can make a great gift. Choose titles that can be read to the baby or ones with a strong mother/child bond theme. Selections covering early childhood development are thoughtful choices for a new mom with her first baby.

3. Gowns & Robes

Frequently, pregnant women become so preoccupied with preparing for the new baby they forget about themselves. They may arrive at the hospital without an attractive gown and robe to wear when the many different visitors arrive to see the new baby. If you decide to go with this gift choice, choose a gown and robe that’s simple but attractive. Above all else, make sure that it’s easy to get on and off. The new mommy will still be recovering from the birth and may have decided to breast feed.

4. Gift Certificate to the Spa

No explanation is needed for this one! Every new mommy appreciates a day of pampering once she’s recovered from childbirth.
What’s the best gift you ever received, or wished you had received, after having a new baby?

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Suzanne January 27, 2011 at 1:39 am

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admin January 27, 2011 at 2:19 am

Glad you liked the Spa idea. Found some great ideas at your site as well:)


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