Dad’s Need To Find A Voice

by admin on January 7, 2011


There’s so much stuff out there about the trials and tribulations of the problems breastfeeding mothers experience whilst trying to shop. It’s often to do with time management and finding suitable locations but what about the problems the poor old Dad faces.

I want to do my bit to be supportive. My wife’s done the hard work of getting baby fed and if we were in our home environment then I would often take baby into the nursery and do the whole clean up/nappy change bit. Sadly in a lot of shopping centres and restaurants this is not an option. Baby changing facilities are still often located in grubby little cubicles within the ladies restrooms.

There’s barely enough room for one adult never mind two with associated prams, pushchairs, shopping etc. Hello MR planning person could you wake up to the fact that we often have more than one child to change.

Would it be so difficult to provide an area accessible to both Mum and Dad? Why can’t these areas be furnished with good quality basic nursery furniture instead of these awful drop down plastic shelves wedged in between a toilet and a hand basin? It’s not all bad. Some establishments have cottoned on to the fact that Dads do hands on baby care too. A couple of places we frequent have fabulous facilities and even provide free nappies etc if you need them but they are the exception rather than the rule.

If you want changes then sadly you have to fight for them. I’m not advocating being confrontational with the people responsible for the poor standards we are forced to accept but nothing will happen if you leave muttering under your breath how bad you found the whole experience. You could have a word with the manager of the place where you found the standard of facilities to be poor or what would be even better, put it in writing. Be positive, explain whilst you had enjoyed your shopping/dining experience you doubted whether you would return because of the poor standard of nursery facilities they provided. If enough of us took the time to let them know we aren’t happy and we won’t accept such poor standards for our kids then maybe they just might sit up and start to make changes.

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This article was written by James Anderson, on behalf of Baby Planet, a leading UK online retailer of nursery furniture, cots and pushchairs with free delivery and price match guarantee.

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