Choosing the Right Pram for You

by admin on December 16, 2010


Having a baby is an exciting and nerve-wracking time, but also an expensive one! Choosing the right pram for your needs is a big part of this, and has provided some brilliant tips to help you do just that.

Firstly, make sure you set a budget – prams can cost from as little as £99 to around £1,000. Think about future plans – if you intend on having more than one child, it is well worth investing in a more expensive model which will last through the years. If however you are unsure of what lies ahead, it may be worth thinking about the practicalities of the here and now – invest in a lightweight, cheaper model, which will make the first-time parent experience all that much easier.

Think too about your lifestyle and how you will be transporting the baby – will you be using public transport, or a car of your own? A foldable pram may be the best option for the former, whilst a pram that includes a built-in car seat may suit those depending on a car to get them around.

Not all prams are suitable for newborns, so don’t be afraid to ask the professionals which model is best for your baby, and before doing anything, ask to see its label. To meet the required European standards for safety, the label must show the British standard BS7509, or the European equivalent of EN1888. The pram should also have two locks, both brakes should be linked together and the pram should have a secure, five-point safety harness.

Lastly, Baby World reminds you not to get lured in by pretty patterns and colourful handles – be sure to take into consideration all aspects of the pram, including the innovative features, the quality of the structure and the design. Don’t hesitate in asking the salesperson what accessories you’ll receive included in the price – some retailers will add accessories on as optional extras, bumping up the price. It is important that you like the way it looks, but it’s important to make you’re getting the whole, value-for-money package.

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