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Children’s Fashion Today

by admin on November 11, 2010


Children today are aware that fashion and designer labels is an extremely important part of their lives.  They have their own likes and dislikes when it comes to fashion and it’s not just trying to look like mummy or daddy any more, children and toddlers fashion has gone way past that.  The majority of children want to look just as hip, cool and trendy as their best friend or classmate.  Even looking cool in your school uniform for infants and juniors is paramount now.

As the demand for fashionable childrenswear increases so does the manufacturers awareness of the gap in the market.   With the likes of Fred Perry, McKenzie and Carbrini all manufacturing their own range of childrenswear knowing that parents will purchase and spend their last penny to ensure their child has the latest fashionable outfit.  The growing out of town shopping malls has also seen an increase in hip and trendy children’s shops, trying to capture the most from a family when they spend a day retail shopping.   Unlike men’s and women’s clothes shops, which are gender specific, most children’s stores cater for both boys and girls and as the completion for business increases prices for childrenswear is slowly coming down making it more affordable.  This is good news for parents as the selection of clothes available for children today is huge and as with adult clothes fashion is constantly changing with the seasons.

As with women’s clothes girls wear has significantly more choice than boys and the same with accessories.  Whether its purses, hats and matching gloves, belts, wallets, caps, socks, shades etc stores now understand that children want the same types of choices as adults when it comes to fashionable accessories.  Certain accessories can change a look and make your son or daughter in to a little prince or princess for the day – its big business.

The online industry is also aware that they must have childrenswear available on their website in all sizes or miss out on this booming new trend.  Most stores that have an online shop also cater for children, so you can shop in your own home with your son or daughter and compare prices from your lounge receiving your goods within days delivered direct to your door.  What parent could ask for more, satisfied children without having to hit the shops at all.

About the author: Claire Jarrett is writing for Nubie – who offer fashionable and modern childrenswear and furniture, including ranges such as Magis and Ferm living

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