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by admin on September 10, 2010


Kids Going Green

How do you get your kids interested in going green? Get them involved as soon as possible! Getting outdoors is the best way to get them involved in environmental issues. Kids these days spend far too long watching television or on computers.

Keep it nice and simple with kids. Here are some ideas on how they can help.

Can they walk or get the bus to school?

Mums and dads dropping their kids off add to the rush hour traffic and carbon emissions from your car damage the environment.

Is their school green?

Many schools are now getting involved. If not you could suggest they start an organic garden? Growing and eating your own veg can be fun and teaches them how food can be produced.

Is there a science centre nearby that gives an informative enjoyable day out?

Many state parks hold special days for the children. Here is a site that lists science centres in America:

United States Science Centres

What about getting involved in green organisations?

List of environmental organizations

What about planting your own tree?

Many organisations allow you to do this and is a great way to get kids involved.  Sponsor Trees

Turn the lights off

Tell them to turn the light off when leaving the room. A 100 watt bulb left on constantly for a year will use around 876 units of electricity.

Get them involved in the recycling effort!

Organizing the sorting out of the different recycles can be fun for the kids. Get involved in America recyclables day on 15 November.  America Recycles Day

What do you do with the kids old clothes?

Donating them to the local charity shop, means they will be getting used again. Charity shops also benefit.

What about green toys?

Toys can be made from recycled or reclaimed wood. Buying toys made from local toy producers will also cut back on transport.

Kids really can get the green message with a little push in the right direction. The green thinking we are getting used to is going to be the norm in the future, so educating children on such important issues is one thing that you must do. The effects of overusing the resources of the planet will affect them much more than in our generation.

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