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by admin on September 10, 2010


5 Steps to Increase the Chances of Conceiving

Isn’t getting rid of your birth control method the only thing you need to do when you have decided to try for a baby? Everyone knows how to get pregnant – so why do you need any tips on how to conceive? Well, getting pregnant is not always as easy as it sounds, and there are many proactive steps you can undertake to boost your chances of conceiving sooner, as well as giving your future baby the very best start. These are the best tips for women who are trying to conceive.

1) As soon as you decide to try for a baby, examine your diet and lifestyle

Do you drink or smoke? Stop it. Do you have a less than ideal diet? You are not alone, and upping the amounts of fresh vegetables, fruit, and dairy in your daily diet increases your odds of conceiving. Healthy diets also directly impact the well-being of your baby, so eating well is important. Taking folic acid supplements, a complete prenatal vitamin, and cod liver oil also benefits your health and your baby’s. It is key to emphasize that women benefit from starting with supplements while they are still trying to conceive, as well as during their pregnancies.

2) Learn to understand your cycle, and know when you are fertile.

There are several ways of doing this. One is using an ovulation calendar to calculate the approximate timing of your ovulation, and then confirming whether you are fertile with an ovulation test. Charting to conceive, using basal body temperature, is another reliable method to find out when you are ovulating.

3) Remember to enjoy being intimate with your partner

, and don’t turn baby-making into a chore. This is a trap that many couples fall into, and it does not make getting pregnant much fun. Being under stress can lessen your chances of conceiving, even if it is your baby adventure itself that is causing the stress.

4) Have intercourse in the missionary position.

This has been proven to boost your chances of conceiving. If this sounds boring, don’t fret. This advice refers only to the male partner’s position at the very end. In the meantime, you can try any position you want.

5) Lie down with elevated buttocks for around 15 minutes after intercourse.

Putting a pillow under your butt does the trick just fine. While this is not a scientifically-based tip for trying to conceive, many couples claim that it helped them. Some fertility clinics even advise it after artificial insemination. Whether it works or not, relaxing for a while certainly will not hurt your chances!

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