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Best Jogging Strollers for Parents Always on The Run

by on October 14, 2010


You don’t need to be a sports scientist to understand the importance of exercise. In our increasingly health-conscious world, most of us know that a nice jog can increase your energy, mood, and overall feeling of well being and result in burned calories and an accelerated heart rate. Jogging obviously takes time, and when you are a new parent, free time is at a real premium. Lucky for us, there is a variety of innovative, lightweight strollers made specially for jogging, guaranteeing a smooth, safe, comfortable ride for your baby (or babies) and without interfering with your run. If you haven’t yet tried out a jogging stroller, you may be shocked by their impressive maneuverability, comfort, and durability of this generation products. Here are the best jogging strollers on the market at a variety of prices.

Valco StrollerValco Baby Matrix Stroller

This three-wheeled beauty made it on to our list, thanks to its incredible maneuverability and top-drawer baby seat. Its maneuverability derives from its swiveling front wheel that makes turning and cutting a snap. If you don’t want it to drift, you can simply lock the front wheel, which will keep it on the straight and narrow. Valco shows they know that an uncomfortable baby is an unhappy baby, as the Matrix sports a cushy reclining seat and protective canopy. It also offers plenty of storage space below the seat, so you won’t need to leave the bottle, snacks, toys or diaper bag at home. Though it is on the expensive side (± $375), it is an excellent investment if you are looking for a jogging stroller that is safe, easy to push, and extremely comfortable to ride in.

Tike Tech Double StrollerTike Tech All Terrain X3 Sport Double Stroller

So you think two is too many for a jogging stroller? Think again. This excellent model from Tike Tech will get you up and running in no time. Its innovative IFD (Independent Frame Dampening) Shox suspension system takes care of the rickets of the road so your passengers’ ride won’t be disturbed. It also packs more than enough storage space for two. Its fixed front wheel doesn’t feature quite the sharp handling of some competitors with a swiveling front wheel, but it is not prone to drifting and isn’t hard to keep going straight. At around $350, it represents a good value, and most importantly, it will keep your precious cargo happy, safe, and comfortable. It is easily the top double-seated jogging stroller on the market.

Bob Sport UtilityBOB Sport Utility and Revolution Strollers

I decided to clump these two excellent models from west coast stroller specialists BOB together, as they are both of top-drawer quality but are crafted for completely different situations. The durable Sport Utility stroller is designed to allow smooth travel over rugged terrain and is perfect for trail runners and those who live in wooded areas. It’s an extremely solid, well-built stroller that features top-class safety and comfort for your young child. While the SUS is built to be strong enough to brave uneven terrain, the Revolution is built for first-class maneuverability. It’s swiveling front-wheel and quality suspension make it perfect for running in crowded areas and windy roads. Though it is extremely light (23 pounds) and easy to push, its sturdy construction will guarantee your child enjoys a safe, smooth ride. Both offer premier performance and can only really be separated by the needs of the consumer.

InStep StrollerInStep Safari Swivel Jogging Stroller

While all of the aforementioned strollers are great investments, their $300-plus price tags simply will not fit into all of our budgets. For that reason, I wanted to add this excellent model from InStep. For less than $150, you can own this maneuverable, durable model with award-winning safety features. The impressively lightweight (21 pounds) model features a litany of helpful brakes for all three of its wheels, including a handy “parking” brake. Like the Revolution and the Baby Matrix, it features a swiveling front wheel that allows for fine handling, and its 16-inch wheels are strong enough to handle bumpy terrain. Though the above-mentioned four are between one and two hundred dollars more expensive, the Safari Swivel can more than hold its own.

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