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Babysitter Kits

by on November 26, 2010


Do any of your children babysit? If you have babysitters in your household you may want to consider helping them create their own babysitter kits. This pack of supplies can be as detailed or small as you want. Consider the needs of the families your child looks after and he or she will be sure to become a neighborhood babysitting sensation. Prepared, responsible and trustworthy babysitters are highly sought after.

Here are some ideas to get a kit started:

The container can be a canvas bag, a lightweight and easily portable box with handles or a spare backpack. As long as it is easy to grab and holds the materials needed, it will be perfect. If it has a home by perhaps the coats it might keep it convenient (and most importantly not lost) for your babysitter to take along.

Stash a few props for skits or plays. Having a handmade mustache, yarn wig or tinfoil sword can help to jump start creative play. If they fit, consider including old dress-up clothes or items from past Halloween costumes like feather boas, hats, plastic jewelry or badges.

A few card games make a nice addition. Throw in Old Maid, Uno, Phase 10 and the like for rainy day play. Be sure to have instructions if needed. Another helpful addition is to think of different games to play with these same cards, thus expanding their usefulness.

You can include purchased or homemade play dough if the children being tended are young enough. Take along a few cookie cutters, a child-sized rolling pin or googly eyes to invent a limitless array of objects and critters.

Pack up a few entertaining books like Jokes, Riddles or Knock Knock Jokes just for children.

Making puppets can be so much fun. Put items like these in a large reseal able plastic bag: brown bags (lunch sized), yarn for hair, ribbon, paper plates, construction paper, paste, children’s scissors and crayons. You can also include chenille stems for making hair if desired.

Pudding can make a nice medium for finger painting. Include various colors, thick paper and let the kids paint away. Your babysitter won’t even have to worry about the younger ones putting their fingers in their mouths.

If the family does not already have a system for leaving contact numbers and such, include a small notebook and pencil for recording this important information. It will make your child the most organized babysitter on your block, guaranteed.

Making necklaces or pasta collages is always an option. Include yarn or string, cardboard or paper plates (for collages) and pasta of various shapes and sizes.

Have a songbook with age-appropriate songs for your babysitter to sing with or even teach the children. Children love repetition in lyrics and songs where participation is encouraged are usually sung with enthusiasm. Consider including songs repeat songs such as: “The Bear” and “Princess Pat,” (each an echo song). Other fun songs are “Go Tell Aunt Rhody,” “Wheels On The Bus,” “I Know An Old Woman (Who Swallowed A Fly),” ” Five Little Mice,” “I Love to Eat Apples and Bananas,” “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt,” “Over In the Meadow” and any others you know.

Armed with these activities, ideas and helps, the babysitters in your home will be sure to have a more enjoyable time tending the neighborhood children. Having a plan (and better yet a back-up plan too) can make all the difference in those hours spent watching younger kids. Have fun putting this bag of goodies together and your babysitter will likely be enthusiastic about the project too.

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