Baby Jogging Strollers

Baby Jogging Strollers Make Running A Breeze

Once you are an avid runner you will always be an avid runner. Did you run while you were pregnant? Just because you recently had a baby does not mean you need to stop running, or find someone to babysit while you are out jogging. Thanks to modern technology you can now purchase baby jogging strollers that allow you to spend time with your child while you are out for your morning run. These running strollers have been seen in almost all suburban neighborhoods across the country. However, finding the right stroller could make all the difference in how much you enjoy your morning run.

When running strollers first came on the market, the only place you could find one was in your local sports store. At the time, companies thought that you would need to purchase more than one stroller; one for jogging and one for day to day activities. This was mainly due to the fact that instep jogging strollers were streamlined for the purpose of running comfortably, which meant that they did not have the capability to hold extras like a diaper bag. Now these strollers are designed for convenience as well as for jogging. They even make a twin jogging stroller for those parents that have more than one child still in a stroller.

Well designed jogging strollers provide the user with the ability to unlock the swiveling, front wheel. This enables the jogger to easily navigate around tight corners as well as through shopping aisles. You can lock the front wheel in order to jog forward. Your child will enjoy a comfortable ride, no matter what surface you are jogging on. The three inch suspension, along with the on and off road tires provide such a smooth ride your child will be able to nap while your take your morning run.

Here are some popular and by some considered the best, jogging strollers:

-BOB Ironman stroller
The BOB Ironman is a genuine running or jogging stroller, intended for use at a fast pace over less rugged terrains. The smooth-rolling, high-pressure road tires, light alloy rims and hubs, stainless steel spokes and slightly stiffer shocks work in conjunction to provide top-notch performance and consistent results. At just 20.4 pounds, it's by far the most lightweight running stroller

-BOB Revolution stroller
The BOB Revolution strikes the ideal balance between a walking stroller and a jogging stroller. It weighs a bit more and has less storage than most travel system strollers, but good luck taking one of them out for a jog or even over some dirt trails. If you have two kids, or like having plenty of extra room, take a peek at the two seater BOB Revolution Duallie double stroller, which is also car seat compatible.

-Baby Jogger Summit 360 Single stroller
the Summit goes from shopping-ready swivel wheel stroller to jogging ready fixed-wheel get-in-shape machine with a switch-lock.

If you plan on putting considerable miles on your jogging stroller, you will want to look for a stroller that is made with a sturdy, aluminum frame. When your stroller is, made out of a one-piece frame that means there are no hinges, or joints to weaken your stroller after repetitive or high impact use. Due to their sleek design, these strollers are easy to collapse.


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