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Baby Planet Unity Sport

This lightweight twin stroller is the first of its kind to consider the parent and their pushing experience. The distinctively different Easy Steer handle will feel more natural and improve maneuverability over traditional twin strollers….
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timi & leslie Baby Planet Sport

. The strollers were designed specifically to coordinate with the new timi & leslie line of beautiful, functional diaper bags…
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Endangered Species Stroller

The strollers are made with the same quality and durability as all Baby Planet strollers and each animal is tastefully represented in fashion and colors…
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Baby Planet, based in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, was established by Pete Myers in 2005. The company’s mission is to protect the environment and educate the public in conservation efforts. Its products are specifically designed to provide style, comfort, safety and convenience with their eco-friendly line of strollers. Their environmental consciousness is evident in a recycling program, the Endangered Species line of strollers, and yearly donations to conservation and preservation organizations.

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The recycling program consists of a shipping address to a recycling company that will keep 100% of the materials out of a landfill. For still usable strollers, Baby Planet suggests finding churches or other charity organizations that will distribute the stroller to a needy family. The company is still working on their own donation system.

Baby Planet takes its role in educating and maintaining conservation quite seriously. They introduced the Endangered Species line of strollers which features animals close to extinction. The 2010 series focuses on the giant panda, the lemur leaf frog, and the monarch butterfly in hopes that seeing these animals on strollers will spark others in conservation efforts.

Product Offering:

Baby Planet strollers are available at several online stores, by catalog, and in retail stores in twelve states. Reviews state the strollers are high quality, sturdy, comfortable and the Solo Sport received the “Most Beautiful” award in the 2007 Big Stroller Roll-Out. However, some customers found them difficult to push because the handles were too low to the ground. Other cons included the weight at about seventeen pounds, the inaccessibility of the storage area when the seat is reclined, and the back brakes limited maneuverability on stairs. Baby Planet strollers range in price from nearly two to four hundred dollars and are considered high-end strollers.


Baby Planet has a 1 year warranty on their products.

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