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Best Way To Take Baby Pictures

by on September 21, 2010


Getting the Best Picture of Your Baby

The miracle of birth sparks the desire to capture each moment of the new arrival’s activity. Having a camera ready at all time allows the parents to get each and every facial expression of the new addition to the family. As a child grows and can sit and stand, photo opportunities grow as well.

Low Light and Action

Taking photos of babies and children offers challenges to even the best photographers. Low light conditions often make it difficult to get good photos. Be sure to choose a camera that has a setting for low-light conditions, or one that has the ability to shoot in manual mode. A mobile baby presents another set of problems for getting clear photos. Toddlers especially move quickly and make it difficult to follow them with a camera. Cameras with a fast focus speed will help capture unpredictable movements. A setting designed for kids and pets or a sports mode can prove helpful, as well as manual shutter settings if available.

Focus on the Situations

To keep complete memories of a child’s first years, take photos of every developmental stage. A baby holding their head up while on their tummy makes a beautiful photo, especially if taken from a slight side shot. The first bath, sitting up for the first time, first solid foods, crawling, first teeth, or first steps all make perfect photos for a memory book of baby’s first years. While photographing babies and children, don’t hesitate to include baby equipment and toys as part of your photos. This makes a great way to give a time stamp on photos for future generations. However, if you want to omit the clutter that surrounds the baby as you take your photos, use a camera that gives you the option for a shallow depth of field. This will make the child the focus in the photo and blur the distracting background.

Camera Features Must Have

Camera choice for shooting photos of babies and children should focus on the ability to shoot in low light, fast shutter speed and the ability to control the depth of field. Even low-priced cameras can offer these features but the high end digital SLR cameras offer all of these features and much more. The best camera to take baby pictures depends on the amount of money you want to spend. Two cameras worth checking out are the Kodak Easy Share models and the Nikon DSLR models. Both brands offer several different models with varying price that will meet your needs.

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