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Baby Jogger City Mini Single

Baby Jogger City Mini

City Mini by Baby Jogger is a swivel wheeled folding folder. Primarily designed for daily use around town, the City Mini features a folding lightweight design and a front swivel wheel…
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Baby Jogger City Mini Double

City Mini Double

In addition both front wheels are swiveled in normal mode or can be locked into position for longer strolls or jogs when maneuverability for tight spaces…
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Baby Jogger City Mini Double

Baby Jogger City Elite

patented Quick-Fold Technology, a 150 degree vented recline seat with retractable weather cover, and 12in. wide-tread comfort ride pneumatic tires…
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Baby Jogger Performance

Baby Jogger Performance

20 wheels make it one of the easiest joggers to push on the market today – allowing you to run further with less effort. The sleek aerodynamic design and shock absorption system make it easy…
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Switchback Trailer Hybrid

Baby Jogger Switchback

It incorporates Baby Jogger’s patented, Quick-Fold Technology, making it the quickest and easiest folding trailer on the market today. No need for cumbersome conversion kits…
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The Baby Jogger Company, founded by Phil Baechler in 1984, is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Baechler was a journalist who liked to jog but found conventional strollers were not equipped for all-terrain jogging. He developed the first three-wheeled, high performance, jogging stroller. In 1986, The Twinner came on the market to accommodate two babies. They became a leading manufacturer and designer of jogging and all-terrain strollers.

Over the next ten years the company released the FunAbout, WalkAbout, Zipper, Super Jogger, and Super Twinner. In 1994 they put the Baby Jogger 2 and the Twinner 2 on the market. These were the first folding jogging strollers and featuring quick release wheels in three different sizes. Baby Jogger strollers remains highly popular with fitness conscious parents.

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The company’s current products include regular strollers, joggers, and bicycle trailers, which are tested by the American Society of Testing and Materials and the TUV Rheinland of North America. Both of these companies provide testing and assessment services world-wide. Baby Jogger strollers continue to meet the highest safety standards in their product category by using a staged assembly line. This type of assembly line locks the frame into place while one person assembles the parts before it is moved on to the next step in the process. This allows for fewer errors and thus better quality products.

Product Offering:

The Baby Jogger Company currently offers eight models in two different categories: urban use/all-terrain strollers and joggers. These strollers have been featured in several parenting magazines over the past few years and lauded as the best lightweight, sleek, and convenient strollers on the market.

In 2010 Baby Jogger launches the City Select , an innovative stroller that allows parents to mix and match seats, car seats and bassinets to customize their stroller into 16 unique combinations to suit their family’s needs. Baby Jogger has won the JPMA Innovation Award for the City Select and embraces two new awards for their 2010 product line, including the 2010 NAPPA Gold Award for the Summit XC Single and the PTPA Media Award for the City Mini Double.
Additionally, in celebration of Baby Jogger’s 25th Anniversary, we have engineered a new generation of the legendary Performance Jogger. Drawn from the original design, we have added a new modern edge to the Performance while ensuring a great running experience every time.

Their products are available online and in retail stores. Numerous products from this company have received spectacular reviews with stars such as Julia Roberts and Matthew McConaughey sporting them about town.


Baby Jogger has a lifetime warranty on the frame of their products. All soft- side materials like textile used and similar is warranted for one year. You will need proof of purchase and the warranty only extends to the original purchaser.

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