8 Car Features Your Child Dreams About

by cbishop on December 31, 2010


As much as some of us may want a Ferrari to be accepted as the “perfect family car,” that’s not very likely. You may enjoy the speed, the sleek design, and even the image it provides, but your children care about an entirely different set of features. For your children, there are many different factors that make for a “dream car.” Here are eight of the most important.

One: Spacious Seating

The driver’s and passenger’s seats are designed to fit people comfortably. The same is not necessarily true of the seats in the back. If your children are cramped and uncomfortable when they get in the vehicle, they won’t want to go inside. Be sure you have enough space for the entire family to sit comfortably.

Two: Dual Climate Control

There will be plenty of family disagreements without arguing over whether it should be hotter or colder. Advanced climate control systems allows people in different rows to choose the temperature settings they prefer.

Three: Advanced Radio Options

Satellite Radio and HD Radio are both more popular, and having access to all those channels makes it more likely that your kids will find something they like. However, you should also be sure that they can each find something they like simultaneously by having separate radio controls and headphones jacks throughout the car.

Four: Storage Space

This vehicle isn’t just going to be used to transport your kids. It’s entirely like that soccer gear, science projects, or musical instruments will be put in the back at some point. Make certain there’s enough space to do so.

Five: DVD Players

There are a lot of different options for DVD players in minivans, and many new models even come equipped with at least some form of movie player. Depending on how much your children share taste in movies, you may want to get either a single large screen or smaller “back of the seat” screens that allow different movies to be watched at the same time.

Six: Refrigeration Units

If you’re planning on using this vehicle for road trips, then a refrigeration unit in the back is a great idea. This allows children to get their own treats, and allows you to pack more healthy items for the trip.

Seven: Seat Warmers

If you live in a colder area, children may dislike the ride simply because the car is so cold. The fastest way to warm up is through seats with built-in warming systems—a great investment for anyone who faces a cold winter.

Eight: Safety Features

Sometimes having a good car insurance plan isn’t enough – your kids may not realize that they want things like smart air bags and rear-view cameras, but they’d definitely prefer not to face the trauma of an accident that could have been prevented.

While you’re shopping for a new car, be sure that you’re checking for all the features mentioned above. After all, having a car your children adore will make family life more pleasant, road trips more peaceful, and transportation less of a hassle. Save the Ferrari for a midlife crisis, and invest in your child’s dream car instead. And, more often than not, your child will want the fun over the flash, so you can reward yourself for saving money in the long run – think of all the awesome gifts you can buy when you save money on your car!

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