6 Charities That Make a Difference in Your Child’s Life

by cbishop on January 24, 2011


All children’s charities that are legitimate operations can make a difference in your child’s life; however, there are some that do so in a very unique or specific way. These include those which provide things as simple as blankets or as complex as measures against child abuse.

1. Binky Patrol

Binky Patrol is a non-profit charity with the precious-sounding name is run by volunteers who make blankets and distribute them free of charge to children who are in hospitals or shelters or who are experiencing a traumatic situation. All types of blankets, including sewn, hand-quilted, crocheted, and knitted, etc., are accepted.

2. AJ Linville Foundation

Formed by the parents of AJ Linville to commemorate his short 20-month life on earth, AJ Linville Foundation assists families of children who suffer from health problems to be as comfortable as possible and have the opportunity to experience and enjoy life just as AJ did while he was here.

3. Be an Angel Fund

The “Be an Angel Fund” charity concentrates on children who suffer from multiple disabilities as well as those who have been diagnosed as being profoundly deaf. The donations given to this charity go to provide wheelchairs, hearing aids, and other equipment to either individual children who need them or to facilities that need help providing those things that allows these children to adapt to their environment as fully as possible.

4. Kars4Kids

If you are a member of the Jewish faith or are of Jewish descent, you may wish you could donate to a charity that serves children who share your religious, ethnic, and cultural background. When you donate your used car to Kars4Kids, your donation goes to J.O.Y., which stands for Joy for Our Youth, which is exactly what you have been looking for—a charity designed to help Jewish children.

5. It’s All About the Kids Foundation

The “It’s All About the Kids”  foundation uses music and the arts to raise money for various children’s charities. Their fundraising arm is called “Partying for a Purpose.” They also receive backing from individuals and businesses.

6. Love Our Children USA

Love Our Children USA organization is working to end the cycle of violence against children. It’s a subject that many people don’t like to talk or think about, but it happens, and this organization wants to help people become aware of it and join together to stop childhood violence, whether it occurs in the home or elsewhere.

Any of these charities, and even others not listed (like Kars4Kids), can make a difference in your child’s life, whether you take advantage of the services they offer or use them as an opportunity to educate your children. If you are using one of these as a learning tool, talk to your children about what it means to be hungry or unable to hear or to always be living in fear. Then, show them how these charities help.

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