Finding the Right Baby Strollers

One of the most important purchases that new parents will make are baby strollers. There are a plethora of available brands on the market – all with their individual characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Baby strollers often make excellent baby gifts for a baby shower or special occasion. Some of the important considerations that will affect your choice include the safety of the unit, the  weight, price and any warranty available.

You will also find a variety of designs of baby strollers. Some of these designs include a single and double, triplet and umbrella strollers. Finally, you will also find these available for different purposes like jogging, all terrain, all purpose and finally, lightweight.

If you're in the market for a baby strollers, you may have realized there are endless options available. Which one is right for you and your family? In this article baby stroller, we'll answer some common questions about baby strollers to help you make the best decision for 

Baby Stroller Brands

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When considering the price of a baby  stroller, also consider what baby accessories are available – some baby strollers come with a removable car seat that you can use when it is time bring your infant in the car. When you choose one with these extras, you can justify a higher price with more accessories.


are ideal for many families that are looking to shave money on their budget, are looking for maneuverability or have a smaller vehicle where a large one would not fit. One of the most popular lightweight strollers is the Easy Traveller by Maclaren. This model is foldable and includes a washable seat, compact umbrella fold and foot operated brakes.


are perfect for the active dad or mom that like to jog while taking their baby out for some fresh air. It is important for the new parent to remember that babies under 6 months old should not be taken for a jog. Features that make a baby jogger stroller work are a lightweight design – preferably with three wheels for stability. Jogging strollers often also have shock absorption technology. Some jogging strollers even come available in twin models for two babies to enjoy. Phil and Ted’s Sport Buggy is one of the top choices for jogging strollers as it features a bumper bar, steel frame construction and rear position foot brake.

All terrain

are perfect for camping trips or hikes in the woods. However, they are often not the best choice for jogging because they can be a little heavier than the standard jogging models. Most all terrain strollers will feature wide wheels and heavy duty durable frames to support your baby on any rough terrain. Of course, shock absorption is a must for these types to prevent too much jostling while the stroller is in motion. The Jeep Strollers are  designed with comfort and durability in mind. Broad and stable front wheels allow this stroller to travel on almost any terrain you can find – while protecting your baby from harm.

All Purpose

Much like the name would suggest, all purpose strollers are built to withstand a variety of terrain and situations – from a trip to the mall to a hike through the wilderness. While higher on the end of the budget spectrum, all purpose strollers combine the best of all worlds – including durability required for jogging and rugged terrain and comfort for your baby while strolling through the park.

Most  will come with a built in umbrella to protect your baby from the elements. The Peg Perego Uno Convertible Carriage is a perfect example of an all purpose stroller. Integrated wheel design allows for tight corners for joggers while a full size padded seat will keep the passenger comfortable for long trips around your neighborhood.


The most common type of stroller, the single stroller is designed for a single passenger. However, there are a variety of purposes that come with single stroller designs. If you are thinking about buying one for your newborn, consider the different types when shopping around. For example, the Baby Jogger City Mini is a single stroller built for mostly running around town. For the budget conscious, even buying multiple single strollers for different purposes can be cheaper than buying a single, all purpose stroller.

Double Strollers

are, of course, designed for two passengers. Whether you and a friend are taking your babies out together or you have twins, a double stroller can make the nightmare of trying to push two strollers at once a thing of the past. Remember, however, that they are much larger than single strollers and can be difficult to store in a smaller vehicle. The City Mini Double is one of the top rated double strollers with a design perfect for jogging and ease of use/transport.


are usually designed with tiered seating for the passengers – with the seats ascending from the top of the stroller to the bottom – rather than having three seats side by side. The reason for this design is that side by side seating like that on a double stroller can make the unit very difficult to maneuver and bulky enough to make it hard to travel on normal sidewalks.

Umbrella Strollers

come equipped with a receptacle for a normal umbrella handle or use their own specially designed umbrella. Be sure to check what sizes the umbrella stroller accepts before purchasing. Umbrella strollers are perfect for a trip through the park on a warm summer day. Some umbrella strollers are more novelty items than strollers – equipped with cool extras like a drink holder, mp3 player and diaper bag. The Graco IPO lightweight umbrella stroller is designed to accept almost any size umbrella and comes with a built in canopy for days when you can’t find your umbrella before leaving the house.


Of course, a major consideration when purchasing a baby stroller is the safety of the unit. To maximize your baby’s safety, look for a stroller with a five point harness rather than a standard three point. While a three point is fine for short trips, you will definitely need a five point harness for jogging or long walks. As far as stability is concerned, be cautious of hanging heavy diaper bags on the handles of baby strollers. You should be absolutely sure that the stroller will not tip over if extra weight is placed on the rear.


When considering  weight, think about how you will be using the unit. For example, if you have to take a trip over some stairs during your walk, having to pull up a heavy stroller is not safe for your baby – or yourself. With jogging strollers, remember that there has to be some added weight  for stability. Finally, weight is an important consideration for parents that regularly need to store their stroller in the car. Most lightweight strollers are also collapsible to make this process easier.


You don’t need to take out a bank loan to afford a high quality stroller. It is also entirely possible to stretch your budget on lower quality strollers. When price is a consideration, look for extra features in the stroller. If a stroller has a removable seat that also functions as a car seat, check if there is an upgraded seat for when the infant gets older. If that is the case, your purchase could last through the toddler years with only a few minor upgrades. That being the case, spending extra money on a durable, high quality model early can save you money in the long run.


Most manufacturers will offer you a warranty  that covers any defects in the design or assembly. However, don’t count on a warranty to cover normal wear and tear of the unit or misuse problems such as rust or improper alterations. Look for a warranty that covers the stroller for a lifetime from manufacturer defects. Even though you won’t be using it that long, remember that a stroller can be passed on or given to another family that needs one – and they will need protection from defects as well.

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